This project had what seem to be conflicting goals: Repairs to  major elevation and drainage issues along with  new stone walls and walkways…But aesthetically leaving it looking like the landscaping had been there forever…a challenge met.

[us_testimonial style=”2″ author=”Karen Temlein” company=”Home Owner” img=”5718″]Tom, We Love your work, professionalism, and your team. You really made our house shine[/us_testimonial]
[us_testimonial style=”2″ author=”James Sorrentino” company=”Director of Facilities, Hill crest Educational Centers” img=”5718″]I am writing this letter to recommend Reliable Yardworks as a competent, reliable landscaping contractor. They have been servicing our landscaping needs since approx 2011 and have done an exemplary job. Tom Quirk and his team are dedicated, conscientious and professional. Customer service and job satisfaction are top priority and I wouldn’t hesitate to hire them for any project, big or small.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions in regards to Reliable Yardworks.[/us_testimonial]

Reliable Yardworks solving the drainage issues on playground equipment

Since 1985, Hillcrest has been a place of hope for hundreds of children with immense needs. In 2015 alone, we care for 212 residential and day students. Children arrive with many different needs, yet all are defined as severe.  Hillcrest goal is to give them a foundation of life skills, the understanding of community, and most of all a chance for a better future.

Hilton Garden Inn, Lenox

Patio and Landscaping

UMB_ON_SummerWheat_325We like challenges. Constructing a finished patio, and  a fire pit as a center piece, for the new Hilton Garden Inn was a normal project.  But to do it at the same time a dozen other contractors were struggling to complete their work on the building’s outside made it a “interesting” summer.

The many new plants needed a lot of tender loving care in what seemed like, for a while, an industrial environment. But over the years, Reliable Raffinato_smooth_greyed-nickel-FIREPITYardworks has developed a lot of horticultural knowledge.

The whole project  involved a wide range of skills: communicating with the designers and other contractors, laying a durable and beautiful patio,  and making sure the soil was appropriate to sustain the planting after an army of contractors crisscrossed the site all summer.

imagesThe patio used Unilock pavers called Umbriano as a  product and will  soon be featured in some of their publications. The fire pit is Techno-bloc, and the techo-bloc_logostyle is Raffinato  It was a nice balance between the formality and a natural look one would expect in a Hotel with “garden” in its name.

Lenox Baseball Field


Major repairs were made by Reliable Yardworks early during the the difficult spring of 2015. Remember all that snow?  Here is a preliminary look at the field late in March, 2016. It is drying out and soon will be playable.

2015 upgrades seen March 2016: Play Ball